It is critical that scent systems are reliable and that system uptime is maximized to effectively impact customer experience. Other scent providers are unaware of empty scent cartridges or downtime until they find out from the customer, causing disruption in scent services and compromising their customer experience. ScentBridge avoids issues with scent technology and provides reliable service to customers by using advanced patented technology.

Avoiding Issues With Scent Technology

Clearly, the scent of your space strongly impacts your everyday operations. Because of this, you need the best, most reliable technology. Any disruption in scent could affect your business for weeks. If scent stops working due to an equipment malfunction or depletion of scent, it could be weeks before the supplier arrives on-site to fix the problem. Meanwhile, your calming, relaxing atmosphere takes a back seat and distracting odors become more noticeable. As a result, customers might choose not to stay as long. Expect more from your scent partner!
Remember: Your customers more powerfully experience your space through their sense of smell than any of their other senses!

ScentBridge’s Advanced Patented Technology is More Reliable

ScentBridge‘s unique and patented approach sets us far above competitors. Consider the following ways in which ScentBridge outclasses other scent providers:

  1. Our monitoring technology gives you a real-time look at how effective the scent systems are working. The Mobile App that controls our systems allows you to monitor scent oil levels, change the scent intensity, and adjust run time schedules easily. We ship fragrance replenishments based on your actual oil levels; so no shortages nor housing of oil overstock.
  2. Our Network Operations Center preventatively monitors, identifies and fixes equipment issues, thus catching issues before they occur to minimize or avoid catastrophic failure.
  3. Our solutions are monitored and controlled via a cellular-based service connection, enabling us to constantly monitor your scent delivery without relying upon your company’s IT networks for the data connection. This means no risk to your systems.
  4. Our smart scent technology ensures that every location has the right fragrance impression, consistently delivered over time and without interruption.

Trust Your Experience to the Experts

Don’t trust just anyone with your scenting experience. Instead, ensure that you’re getting the most reliable and advanced technology to control the experience your customers have with scent. ScentBridge proactively takes care of your equipment to ensure there’s no interruption in your scent system distribution.
To learn more about ScentBridge‘s top-tier technology, contact us.