Expect More.

Stop paying our competition for scent services that only work half of the time.

ScentBridge invented the smart scent system and we continue to lead the industry in performance and service delivery.

  • Consistent scent, all day, every day
  • Unbeatable precision that’s just right
  • Always connected for proven, monitored performance
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We invented smart scent delivery.

Our proprietary, first-of-its-kind technology has revolutionized the ambient scent marketing industry. The internationally patented systems utilize a guaranteed smart connection provides effective and measurable scent experiences with mobile app control and monitoring. Backed by our Global Network Operations Center, mobile app-enabled access and consistent fragrance delivery, we’ve created a whole new category – Intelligent Scent.

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Performance, consistency, and compliance.

We are the only scent marketing company that utilizes patented IoT technology to provide uninterrupted, consistent scent experiences to its customers.

Revolutionary Technology

Engineered to produce high-quality, consistent ambient fragrance, our patented, first-of-its-kind intelligent scent system makes experiential branding precise, monitored, and intelligent.


As well as communicating with our centralized command center, our technology “talks” with you, too. Using your smartphone or other mobile device, you can manage and monitor scent levels across all the locations of your organization.

Centralized Command Center

To deliver intelligent scent, each diffuser connects via 4G/5G cellular to our integrated global network. This enables each scent diffuser to “talk” with our centralized command center. Users are able to see and fine-tune fragrance performance remotely with data tracking, fragrance measurement, and service monitoring. The result: your fragrance never runs out.

Operational Ease

The operational hassles of “dumb” diffusers are a thing of the past. Your fragrance performance and equipment are not only monitored by our system, but proactively maintained by our service network. The net result: precise scent levels across all the locations of your organization. Equally as important, your fragrance impressions always deliver.


A Smarter Approach

Unlike our competitors, our solutions are monitored and controlled via a guaranteed smart connection, enabling us to constantly monitor your scent delivery without relying upon your company’s IT networks for the data connection.

Why is this important? In 2013, Target’s corporate systems were hacked and millions of customer records were accessed. A subcontractor opened a backdoor when they connected their “smart device” to the the Target network.

This can ONLY happen if you allow those connected devices on your network. NO ONE will ever hack your mission critical IT systems through our connected scent systems, because we keep our scent network totally separate from your IT network.

Whether you have one location or thousands, our smart scent technology ensures that every location has the right fragrance impression, consistently delivered over time.

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Get started today!

Our team is here to help you deliver the best impression to your customer. Custom scents, established ones, even multiple scents by day part or season, are all aspects we can develop for you. ScentBridge, the leader in intelligent scent, is located in South Hadley, Massachusetts.