ScentBridge Spotlight: Scent’s Breakthrough in the Gaming Industry | Jesse Jackson III

March 25, 2021 rblakerice

The gaming industry has always been known for its strong and impactful marketing strategies — with customer experience at the foundation of it all. With a strong pulse on their consumers, casinos know what keeps guests playing and draws them to keep coming back.

Casinos have always exploited sensory marketing, giving players an enormous sensory overload in their facilities. But, the biggest breakthrough in casino marketing has been the adoption of scent. Armed with their carefully crafted fragrances, casinos now using scent to
allow players to relax and elevate their experience even more.

Enhancing the Guest Experience with Scent Marketing

Casino managers know guests’ experiences are among the most essential variables in contributing to a business’s strong brand and revenue growth. For most guests, the expectation when visiting a casino is to have a full-on luxurious experience filled with a fun and immersive atmosphere.

Scent enables an extra layer for that customer experience. The moment a guest walks in, they are struck with a stimulation of senses — the flashing lights, the chimes of the machines, and that consistent, fragrant smell that rejuvenates the urge to play. Casinos can elevate the full-on gaming experience further by reaching their guests at a deep, instinctual level through scent.

Casinos can also use scent strategy to employ more customer loyalty. After selecting a specific scent, gaming facilities will use that fragrance throughout the casino so guests will associate their brand with that specific smell. This scent strategy allows guests to recognize not just the exhilaration of the game— but the thrill of playing at that particular gaming facility.

Meet Jesse Jackson III

Jesse currently serves as ScentBridge’s National Director of Gaming & Resort Sales. With over 30+ years of sales management experience, Jesse has held a variety of sales roles throughout his career, including Sales Director/VP of Sales for AromaSys, Director of National Sales for Yankee Candle Scent Systems and Newell Brands, VP of Sales & Marketing for Innovatech, and Regional Sales Director for RBS Lynk and Moneris.

On top of his 10+ years in the scent marketing industry, Jesse has almost a decade’s worth of experience within the hospitality industry. Jesse began his career in the hospitality/casino industry at the Las Vegas Hilton, where he climbed the management ladder to Director of Hotel Operations. He additionally held a role as Asst. General Manager at the Alexis Hotel in Seattle, WA.

Jesse also spent almost ten years as an entrepreneur, becoming the founder of North Star Lighting and Elite Salon Systems.