Creating an aesthetically pleasing environment in your commercial property can have a significant impact on your business’ success. With all of the attention going to the visual elements, a tactic that is often overlooked is the strategic use of fragrance in the overall experience of your property.

Research shows that the right scent, delivered the right way can influence decision-making, enhance perceived value, and increase customer satisfaction. With this in mind, owners and property managers have started incorporating fragrance into their buildings in an effort to attract potential tenants and increase occupancy rates.

Consider the case of a Harrah’s Casino study in 2009, which showed a 45% revenue increase in scented slot machine areas and a 40% increase in customer dwell time compared to areas without scent. These findings highlight the effectiveness of integrating fragrance strategically. Implementing the right fragrance is both an art and a science — the aim is not to overwhelm but to create a subliminal and lingering effect that enhances the overall experience and leaves a positive impression.

The right fragrance can create a positive atmosphere, making your building more attractive and inviting. Empty buildings can often be unwelcoming, giving off negative odors associated with vacancy. Scent marketing aims to turn this negative into a positive by introducing appealing fragrances. This strategy has been proven successful in various industries, including retail, hospitality, fitness, and gaming. Major brands have incorporated the sense of smell into their marketing efforts, using ambient fragrances to create memorable experiences. For example, Westin Hotels use a calming White Tea scent in their lobbies, and a well-known fitness brand utilizes the subtle aroma of Lemon Lavender as part of their member experience.

In conclusion, incorporating fragrance into your commercial building is another tool in your marketing arsenal, helping your property stand out and attract potential tenants. The right scent, delivered subtly and strategically, can transform the atmosphere, making your building more pleasing and memorable. So, why not explore the power of scent marketing in your commercial property to increase its leasing potential and ultimately achieve higher occupancy rates?