You probably don’t notice the smell of your own home, your own laundry detergent, or even your pets. After all, you experience those scents every single day. But what happens when you don’t notice the smell of your own business or workplace? We’ve all experienced walking into a gym and smelling sweat or walking into an assisted living facility and smelling sanitizer and cleaning supplies. From retail stores to gyms to assisted living facilities, every business has a unique scent that customers notice when they walk in — but you might not even be noticing this smell. With the integration of a scent monitoring system, businesses can gain valuable insights into their olfactory environment, ensuring that their spaces consistently offer pleasant and inviting aromas to visitors.

What Is Olfactory Fatigue?

After smelling an odor for an extended period of time, our brains will become accustomed to the smell and we will no longer notice it. The term “olfactory fatigue” (or “nose blindness”) refers to this tendency to become accustomed to the smells around us. After noticing a new scent, our receptors register the scent as non-threatening, disregard it and look for new scents in as quickly as two breaths. Even the most delicious or foul-smelling odor will eventually fail to become noticeable if we are exposed to it for long enough.

Olfactory fatigue can have a significant negative impact on your business. While you and your employees may have become accustomed to the scent of your facility, customers have not, and they will still notice the scent immediately. Should you be concerned about the performance of your scent, it is important to consider olfactory fatigue before increasing the intensity of your scent. Managing your scent effectively and consistently is a great low-cost, high-impact solution to give your customers a great experience.

Scentbridge’s Solution

Scentbridge uses a guaranteed smart connection to monitor the scent in your facility. This patented IoT technology and Smart Scent Delivery System allows for constantly monitored performance and easy mobile app control via 4G wireless connection. In fact, Scentbridge’s revolutionary technology allows for 99.9% uptime, an unmatched industry standard. As a result, it is easy to prove that your scent distribution is working and making a difference in your business. This transparent, one-of-a-kind service proves that with Scentbridge, you can truly expect more from our services, and we will ensure that you are happy with the scent of your facility.

Scentbridge’s scent distribution platform offers several advantages to ensure your chosen scent performs optimally in your facility:

  • Advanced scent monitoring technology allows us to monitor the scent in your facility, thereby ensuring that our systems are working properly.
  • We also monitor your air handling systems to sense any changes or issues there.
  • We can support A/B tests to gauge customer and employee feedback.
  • We can also change the scent to refresh your senses.

Scent and Your Bottom Line

Scent has the power to evoke moods, feelings, and even memories within your customers. It can also leave a powerful brand impression. Getting it right is important, and you can Expect More with ScentBridge to help you get it done.

Our Smart Scent Delivery System ensures appropriate distribution throughout your facility. Our fragrances are designed to deliver precise impressions customizable to the promise of your brand. All of our fragrances are safe and sustainable, and we only work with fragrance suppliers that are part of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). Contact us for assistance in selecting a fragrance that aligns with your brand.


Scent has a powerful influence on your business. While olfactory fatigue may occur for some of your employees, Scentbridge’s powerful monitoring platform tracks the effectiveness for complete visibility and compliance. Harnessing technology to create powerful and long-lasting scents is a low-cost way to gain customer satisfaction and improve your business.

To learn more about how Scentbridge can help you craft your scent solution, contact us.