ScentBridge Spotlight: Scent’s Role in Welcoming Back Fitness Members | Chad Clark

April 8, 2021 rblakerice

As your fitness facilities begin to reopen, what are you doing to bring back members into your gyms and studios?

No one could ever predict the impact COVID-19 would have on businesses, especially in the fitness industry. With the many difficult challenges that come with re-opening, like addressing members’ fear of space cleanliness/safety and marketing against home workouts, gyms have taken a massive hit in their financials and business performance.

As members return, everyone should be focusing on welcoming environments while enhancing the member experience. Fitness facilities are now turning to scent to engage more members and provide a better workout environment.

For low cost, gym owners and management can continually elevate their membership experience with scent. In the context of fitness marketing, scent can be a powerful tool in calming fears and reaffirming a clean, safe environment while providing members with an enhanced experience.

Gym managers know membership experience is among the most essential variables in contributing to a business’s strong brand and revenue growth. Deploying scent to enhance members’ overall experience, such as eliminating distracting odors and providing a cleaner, upscale environment, can now be a norm for gyms.

From body odor to rancid workout clothes, gyms have always been a contender for “musky” environments. But the good news is your facility doesn’t have to smell like a sweaty gym. Integrating scent into your members’ experience gives your gym a breath of fresh air — literally. As strong as the reek may be, it’s no match for today’s scent delivery systems. With the ability to control scent delivery everywhere from locker rooms to recovery areas, these systems combat unpleasant odors in your facility.

Scent delivery systems, like ScentBridge’s, provide a clean, aromatic, upscaled environment where members can rejuvenate, recover, and most importantly, focus on their workout. With the right scent delivery system, scent can be a powerful tool to improve your fitness facilities’ business performance as you welcome back members.

Meet Chad Clark

Chad Clark is an innovative, dynamic, sales and marketing leader with 25 years of experience. Chad has a history of leading executive teams of blue chip companies through high-value sales and marketing initiatives. Some of Chad’s most notable deals have included complex transactions in the world of sports, including NASCAR, PGA Tour, NFL, as well as media, retail, and licensing acquisitions in children’s entertainment. 

Chad joined Scentbridge in 2015 as one of the first business development executives and has focused on bringing scent marketing to the fitness and franchise verticals to increase customer experience and drive overall brand impressions. Chad has become a trusted resource for his clients, providing best-in-class solutions while meeting the budget needs of the organization he is engaged with. 

Chad, is a member of the board of Directors for the United States Restaurant Alliance and has become a trusted resource on sales and marketing for some of the world’s largest private equity companies. 

Chad has been married to his lovely wife Tracey for 16 years, is an avid boater, fitness enthusiast, and while not very good, still enjoys playing golf.