ScentBridge Spotlight: How IoT Evolved to Smart Connected Technology | Todd Becker

March 11, 2021
March 11, 2021 rblakerice

In his 30-year career, Todd has focused on helping companies successfully transform their initiatives using smart connected technology. As Todd puts it, these businesses have “surfed” the Three Waves of IT that Michael Porter (et al.) defined as the major transformative forces of information technology that drive business advantage and productivity. 

Since the 1960s, three waves of IT have radically shifted the competitive landscape for businesses. In the ’60s and ’70s, the first wave automated activities like order processing and manufacturing resource planning across business operations. As the internet began to grow in popularity, the second wave of IT transformation enabled businesses to integrate, coordinate and communicate with their suppliers, channels, and customers across their “value chain”.

Now, as the third wave emerges, products themselves are being transformed. IoT is now becoming an integral part of products and services, improving the overall experiences of customers. Smart connected technology provides a new and impactful wave of innovation so users can expect more out of everyday products and services. 

Thanks to IoT, everyday objects are enabled to do more for users and consumers. IoT’s evolution has brought us where we are today, allowing for a transformation in productivity, economic gains, and the perfection of service.


Todd Becker Headshot - Smart Connected Technology Blog

Meet Todd Becker

Todd Becker currently serves as the President of ScentBridge. As a successful entrepreneur, management consultant, C-level exec, and venture capital investor, Todd has successfully launched, grown, or “digitally transformed” numerous businesses with smart connected device architectures, including mobile, cloud, IoT, Blockchain technologies, and of course – smart scent delivery systems.

Todd’s extensive technology experience covers corporate development, business planning, market strategy, intellectual property, product development, operations, IT, and business finance. Todd has held many executive positions at many businesses (including private-equity capital raises, acquisitions, and IPOs) as a Board Member, President, COO, CTO, CIO, and CFO. 

His latest new venture is BlueStreak IoT. BlueStreak sits at the center of information, providing sensors, devices, networks, and software that combine to deliver valuable, actionable data and automate critical functions across retail, hospitality, entertainment, health & fitness, real estate, and other commercial venues.