ScentBridge Spotlight: IoT Integration with Smart Connected Ventures

February 17, 2021
February 17, 2021 rblakerice

“Internet” not only defines our computers, laptops, and smartphones anymore. Now, most industries have found ways to incorporate IoT integration into numerous products and services they offer to their customers. 

From increased efficiency and quality to accelerated innovation, almost every business aspect can be profoundly changed by the “internet of things” (IoT).  In fact, almost 85% of decision-makers say they are currently developing or deploying IoT solutions. Businesses late to adopt IoT innovations and techniques will most likely be left behind by their more innovative competitors. 

So, where can businesses begin incorporating IoT into their products, services, and daily operations? Here are some examples for facility managers in commercial companies to consider.  

Commercial kitchens solve their messiest problem with technology: GREASEwatch

Many IoT initiatives work to improve not only a business’s operational efficiency but performance quality and safety as well. GREASEwatch is a great example, as it helps facility managers with commercial kitchens in the restaurant, hospitality, and foodservice industries monitor and manage their grease traps.

The GREASEwatch Interceptor Monitoring Device (IMD) offers a grease trap management solution. It uses two acoustic sensors that measure the accumulation of Fats, Oils and Grease (F.O.G.) inside grease interceptors, buried several feet underground in parking lots around the world.  Inside of a grease interceptor, most of the Fats, Oils & Grease float to the top and the heavier fried or other food solids sink to the bottom. When the grease interceptor reaches capacity (e.g., 25% Total F.O.G.), a pumping truck is automatically dispatched to clean the tank.

Not only does GREASEwatch help its clients take preventive measures that avoid health department violations and kitchen shut-downs from grease backups or clogged drain lines, it avoids unnecessary and costly “emergency pumps”  by knowing “when” to pump. It also avoids near-term performance problems by confirming “how well” the pumper did their job, triggering invoice payment approval for the pumper AFTER a quality pump is confirmed. By “seeing” inside the tank with similar sensors used in a boat’s fish-finder, GREASEwatch removes the guess-work, avoids costly mistakes, and makes grease interceptor management easy and predictable.   

Remote tank monitoring for fleet managers: Vertrax

Businesses that use IoT solutions greatly benefit from its remote accessibility and monitoring through interconnected platforms.  

Vertrax’s Tank Monitoring Service allows fleet owners and managers to measure fuel tank liquid levels through a customized platform for both customers and suppliers. Users can monitor everything from tank levels and health to usage rates and projected runouts. This service even notifies customers when tank levels are getting low, so they can place orders and never run out of fuel. 

Thanks to this IoT solution, fleet management has full visibility into tank consumption and metrics, improving inventory management, routing efficiency, and delivery forecasting. 

Equipment owners and manufacturers work with one connected platform: SmartEquip

As IoT integration progresses, one of its many benefits is allowing users access to accurate and real-time information. 

In manufacturing, technicians spend on average 50% of their time looking up part numbers for equipment. SmartEquip gives manufacturers one integrated platform with real-time access to equipment updates, parts, service manuals, diagrams, and more. Providing easy access to these resources, SmartEquip works to increase wrench time while reducing the total cost of ownership. 

As an IoT solution with instant accessibility to information and data, SmartEquip helps fleet owners, manufacturers, and contractors keep their assets on the job to increase operational efficiency and uptime.

Since its creation, the internet has been an integral tool in the growth and expansion of the world economy. Now, the “internet of things” drives even greater value, as IoT integrates into products and services that manage the resources we use at home and work.

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About Smart Connected Ventures

Smart Connected Ventures™ is a synergistic portfolio of high-impact digital solutions that effectively and efficiently manage commercial services. Their core division, BlueStreak IoT™, manages and secures remote connections for monitoring IoT-enabled services and devices, including GREASEwatch™ and ScentBridge™. BlueStreak utilizes an advanced commercial IoT framework that sits at the center of information from sensors, devices, networks, and software that combine to deliver valuable, actionable data and automate critical functions across retail, hospitality, entertainment, health & fitness, real estate, and other commercial venues.

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