Case Study: ScentBridge Uses Smart Scent Delivery to Adapt to COVID-19

April 22, 2021 rblakerice


ScentBridge is the industry leader in intelligent scent systems backed by performance and service delivery. This first-of-its-kind technology has revolutionized the scent marketing industry with its mobile app-enabled access, consistent fragrance delivery, and measurable scent experiences.


The COVID-19 pandemic required facility managers to reduce costs and increase efficiencies while still ensuring managers, workers, and other personnel health and safety. The closing and reopening of facilities forced business operations — including scent marketing— to become more flexible to adapt to unprecedented circumstances.


As COVID-19 forced many businesses to close, ScentBridge was able to remotely power down scent systems using their IoT smart scent solution and 4G cellular connectivity. Competitive systems that required on-site technician visits continued to operate and dispense fragrance into un-inhabited environments and continued to draw power during a time when every expense was critical for economic survival. Once COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, ScentBridge immediately reactivated systems remotely without needed to schedule on-site technicians to hinder the opening process for clients’ facility management teams.

“Facility Managers could quickly check scent off their list of protocols.”


ScentBridge’s smart scent delivery system provided their clients’ facility managers with immediate verification of powered down systems without causing the additional risk of infection from on-site technician visits. Facility managers could quickly check scent off their list of protocols as they were forced to close their doors to guests and promptly turn the system back on once they reopened.


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